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A new generation of ovens designed to enhance cooking performance. Join the Revolution.

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one redesigned cavity
three cooking methods
five oven categories


The Galileo platform is the result of extensive research, planning and testing. Drawing on Smeg’s strong manufacturing knowhow and signature Italian design style, the company's passion for creating the very best cooking appliances has led to the birth of revolutionary new built-in ovens.


Traditional | Steam | Microwave


All of the cooking technologies you could ever need, all housed within one oven. Combine traditional, microwave and steam cooking for professional results in up to 70% less time.

Available in: Dolce Stil Novo and Linea designs

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Traditional | Microwave


Benefit from even browning results with traditional convection cooking, whilst benefiting from the added speed and convenience of a microwave, saving up to 40% on cooking time - never compromising on quality.

Available in: Linea and Classic design

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Traditional | Steam


A traditional convection oven that allows you to lock in flavour and nutrients with the added benefits of steam cooking, for tastier and healthier results.

Available in: Dolce Stil Novo, Victoria and Classic designs.

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The galileo revolution

Energy Efficient Cooking

Up to an impressive A++ energy rating thanks to the redesigned oven cavity that prevents heat loss - saving you up to 10% on energy vs traditional models

The galileo revolution


A completely transformed interior, featuring LED lights, innovative air flow patterns, as well as steam and microwave technology to help you achieve restaurant quality results in 70% less time *


The galileo revolution


Combine traditional, steam and microwave cooking or add them in stages for faster, healthier results using Multitech and Multistep technologies

The galileo revolution


Take the guess work out of cooking with 150 automatic recipes and a selection of professional accessories

* Omnichef combines steam, microwave and oven together, saving up to 70% time, compared to earlier Smeg models.


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With a proven heritage in the production of premium cooking appliances for over 70 years, Smeg is truly inspired by its Italian surroundings. Committed to investing in new technology, combined with a passion for getting the most out of food & ingredients, the company is proud to unveil a revolution in oven design, a platform of appliances designed with the very best cooking results at its heart.